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On the Characteristics and Development Prospect of All - cast Glaze
It is understood that all throw glaze products in the industry to promote, all cast glaze has entered the stage of popularity.
The most basic knowledge of tiles
What is a ceramic tile? We talked about the evolution of ceramic tiles, tile material properties, functional properties and decorative properties. In fact, whether we are ceramic tiles to buy, ceramic
The difference between polished tiles and glazed tiles
Polished tiles:After mechanical grinding, polishing, the surface was glossy ceramic tiles, at the moment commonly known as the tiles is a kind of polished tiles,
To create retro style home support antique brick purchase and maintenance
Part1: buy the first step from the understanding of antique tiles began First, the definition of antique brick. Antique tiles are evolved from glazed tiles, essentially glazed porcelain tiles.
Antique tiles play new tricks
New T station. 1 imitation rosewood grain brick To imitate the mahogany in the high class, such as red sandalwood! Wrigley imitation rosewood grain brick will be a high sense
Modern wind sweeping industry modern antique brick has great potential
After years of practical and aesthetic, luxury and low-key multi-dimensional market discussions and practice, the domestic tile industry gradually appeared in the modern wind boom.
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